2001 Masters with Distinction in Visual Arts/Textiles, Goldsmiths, University of London, England

1999 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, San Francisco Art Institute, CA

1993- 96 Cornell University, College of Engineering, Ithaca, NY,

1995 Hamburg University of Technology, Hamburg, Germany

1994 Ox-Bow School of Art, Saugatuck, MI


2024 Never Lab, Portland, OR (July)

2024 Almost For Ever, Nowhere Gallery, Milan, Italy (April)

2023 All Small Stories, Ditch Projects, Springfield, OR

2020- 22 End of Palette Rainbows Mural + Art Works, Tehanan Supportive Housing, San Francisco, CA (commissioned by David Baker Architects, Fletcher Studio)

2018 Wendy Heldmann, curated by Bettina Hubby, Arcana, Los Angeles, CA

2013 Fragile Kit, Marine Contemporary, Venice, CA (catalog)

2011 You Are So Beautiful and I Am A Fool, SCI-Arc Library Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (catalog)

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2000 Don’t Try That at Home, Octavia Haze Gallery, San Francisco, CA


2023 Ordinary People, with Slanguage Studio co-curated by Raven Sanchez and Jynx Prado, Long Beach Museum of Art, CA

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2012 Museum of Temporary Art, See Line Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

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2010 Werk, University of Alabama Visual Arts Gallery, Birmingham, AL

2010 Salon No. 5, curated by Claressinka Anderson, Marine, Santa Monica, CA

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2007 SHOW, curated by Heather Cantrell, Jail Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2007 Another Fine Day, Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Larchmont, NY

2007 At the Brewery Project 1993- 2007 – The Finale, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA (catalog)

2006 Plainer: A Contemporary Take on Landscape, curated by Kristina Newhouse, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA

2005 There Goes the Neighborhood, curated by Caryn Coleman, Sixspace Gallery, Culver City, CA

2005 Multiples, Andrewshire Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2005 Fresh, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA

2004 Tar Pit Tales, curated by Brienne Arrington and John Souza, 4F Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2004 Rebel Rebel- Leefahsalung 14, curated by Annie See-on Shaw, New Chinatown Barbershop, Los Angeles, CA

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2002 Landmark Photo Salon- Leefahsalung 9, New Chinatown Barbershop, Los Angeles, CA

2002 Safe Haven: Picturing Domestic Space, curated by Marisa Olson, SF Camera Works, San Francisco, CA

2002 Sampler, Postartum, Long Beach, CA

2001 Anoka, 93 Feet East, London, UK

2000 Gen Art Emerge 2000, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

2000 Mixed Media Metaphors, Mesh Gallery, Sebastapol, CA

1999 Post Postcard, Four Walls, San Francisco, CA


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2008 SCOPE Basel with Jail Gallery, Switzerland

2008 NEXT with Jail Gallery Chicago, IL

2007 Aqua Art Fair with Sixspace Gallery, Miami, FL

2007 Pulse with Sixspace Gallery New York, NY

2006 Aqua Art Fair with Sixspace Gallery, Miami, FL

2006 Affair at the Jupiter Hotel, with Sixtyseven Gallery, Portland, OR

2006 ArtLA Fair with Sixspace Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2005 Aqua Art Fair with Sixspace Gallery, Miami, FL


2014- present Executive Editor, 5 Minutes, Department of Art, University of Oregon

2018- present Co-director, Office Hours Projects, Eugene, OR

2022 Office Hours Projects, Pauline Stella Sanchez

2019 Office Hours Projects, Nora Riggs

2018 Office Hours Projects, Bari Ziperstein

2018 Office Hours Projects, Angeline Rivas

2018 Office Hours Projects, Emilie Halpern

2018 Office Hours Projects, Maria Lundström

2018 Office Hours Projects, Heather Cook

2018 Office Hours Projects, Susumu Kamijo

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2004 Curator, Analogue Press Print Portfolio, Issue Zero, Los Angeles, CA


2013- present Public Programming Director, Department of Art; Program Manager, Center for Art Research (CFAR), Department
of Art; Research Associate, School of Art + Design- College of Design, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

2003- 2012 Public Programs Director, Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Los Angeles, CA

2002- 2003 Student Services Coordinator, SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, CA

2001 Outreach & Recruitment Assistant, San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), San Francisco, CA


2012- present Faculty Fellow/Instructor/Research Associate/NTTF, Department of Art, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

2018 Free School of Architecture (FSA) workshop, Los Angeles, CA

2005- 2012 Visual Studies Faculty Member, SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, CA

2003- 2012 Public Programs Director, SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, CA


Organized and oversaw the following SCI-Arc Gallery Exhibitions/Student Workshops:

2003 Kol/Mac Studio: Vertical Urbanism: lo_res/hi_rise

2003 Studioworks: Dangerous Supplements/Modest Proposals

2003 Griffin Enright Architects: Keep Off the Grass! Planar Landscape Phenomena

2004 George Yu Architects: BLOW-UP

2004 Guy Nordenson and Associates: CAMBER

2004 Darin Johnstone and Scott Parker: Drop: hi-lo fielding

2004 Jones, Partners: Architecture: Shuffle: an Experiment in the Mechanics of Spatial Affect

2005 Marcelo Spina, PATTERNS: The ELEMENT

2005 Central Office of Architecture/COA: STENTORIAN: The Terror and Pleasure of Levitation

2005 Steven Holl Architects: POROSITY

2005 Jeffrey Inaba and Peter Zellner: Whatever Happened to LA?: Architectural and Urban Experiments 1970-1990 (SCI-Arc Press catalog)

2005 Doris Sung : Do|Su Architecture: Closet[ed]

2005 Ed Keller and Carla Leitao, a|Um Studio: SUTURE

2006 Paffard Keatinge-Clay: The Work of Paffard Keatinge-Clay (SCI-Arc Press book)

2006 Florencia Pita: PULSE: Tendril Formations

2006 Coop Himmelb(l)au: SKY-Arc

2006 Neil M. Denari Architects: Fluoroscape © 2006

2006 Daly, Genik Architects: 100 Rooms / 5000 Cells

2006 Jakob + MacFarlane: Breathing Wall

2007 Eisenman Architects: Grounded

2007 EMERGENT + Buro Happold: Dragonfly

2007 Hodgetts + Fung: kē-ärō'-skŏŏr'ō

2007 Michael Maltzan Architecture: Dark Side of the Moon

2008 Jean Michel Crettaz: Quasar

2008 Elena Manferdini: Merletti

2008 Greg Lynn FORM: Blobwall Pavilion

2008 IwamotoScott Architecture: Voussoir Cloud

2008 Oyler Wu Collaborative: Live Wire

2009 Susanne Zottl: A Styrofoam Lover with (E)motions of Concrete

2009 Eric Owen Moss Architects: If Not Now, When?

2009 Joe Day / deegan day design: Blow x Blow

2010 Alexis Rochas, I/O: Still Robot

2010 Juan Azulay / Matter Management: Vivarium

2010 davidclovers: Immuring

2010 Atelier Hitoshi Abe: len-tic-u-lar-i

2010 Coy Howard: Part I - From Hand to Mouse, From Furniture to Architecture

2010 Coy Howard: Part II - Whispers and Echoes

2011 Patrick Tighe, with composer Ken Ueno and fabricator Machineous: Out of Memory

2011 Barbara Bestor Architecture: Silent Disco

2011 Jason Payne/Hirsuta: Rawhide

2011 Odile Decq: Anisotropy/Anisotropie

2012 Ramiro Diaz-Granados/Amorphis: Go Figure

2012 Peter Cook/CRAB Studio: Towards Comfo Veg

2012 Ball-Nogues Studio: Yevrus 1, Negative Impression

Organized and oversaw the following SCI-Arc Kappe Library Exhibitions/Student Workshops:

2004 Beyond Media/Oltre I Media: Intimacy- Work by SCI-Arc Students

2004 Examining the Museum’s Role: Competition Projects by SCI-Arc Faculty

2004 Weights and Measures: Unit 16: Bartlett School of Architecture

2005 Lane Barden: The Los Angeles River: Fifty-Two Miles Downstream- an Aerial Survey of the Los Angeles River and Channel (SCI-Arc Press catalog)

2005 Metamorphoses: Art/Architecture, Student Work from the Architecture Department of the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy

2005 Xerfirotarch: Improbabilities: Riding the SUR

2006 Raimund Abraham: JingYa Ocean Entertainment Center, Beijing

2006 Glen Howard Small, AIA Architect: Womb To Managua Nicaragua

2006 Making the Eternal New: Recent Work of Moule & Polyzoides, Architects and Urbanists

2006 RoTo Architects: Prairie View

2007 Zaha Hadid Architects and Eric Owen Moss Architects: Adventures in Kazakhstan: Competition for Republic Square, a mixed-use project in Almaty, Kazakhstan

2007 George Yu Architects: Honda Advanced Design Center

2009 Schindler / Neutra and L.A. in Wien / Wien in L.A (SCI-Arc Press catalog)

2009 Jean-Pierre Hebert: Drawings as Thoughts

2010 London Eight Exhibition: Curated by Sir Peter Cook (SCI-Arc Press catalog)

2010 Accident: A Visual Studies Seminar Exhibition

2010 Jakob + MacFarlane: ABOUT

2011 Audience of Objects (SCI-Arc Press catalog)

2011 Mr. CHIP Goes to Washington: A Solar Decathlon 2011 Exhibition

Organized and oversaw the following on-site and off-site, miscellaneous SCI-Arc Exhibitions:

2003 Selected Thesis Projects, SCI-Arc Gallery

2003 Café and Boardroom Competition, SCI-Arc Main Space

2003 Spot on Schools Florence, Italy

2003 The Neoteric Conjunctive in collaboration with Art Center College of Design, Japanese American Community and Cultural Center (JACCC), Los Angeles

2004 INSIDE/OUT: SCI-Arc Outreach and Community Program: Lamp Community, Frank Rice Safe Haven, Sunshelter Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA

2005 Selected Thesis Projects: a juried exhibition of exceptional student work, SCI-Arc Gallery

2005 2x8:Motion, A+D Museum, Los Angeles, CA

2005 REPRESENT: New Architectural Drawing from SCI-Arc, Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, CA

2005 2x8:Motion, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA

2005 99% Air/AEROMADS, Los Angeles, CA

2005 Downtown Education Schools and Programs with the Art Resource Group, Hope Street Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2006 Selected Thesis Exhibition: A Juried Exhibition of Exceptional Student Work, SCI-Arc Gallery

2006 Undergraduate Thesis: Final Projects, SCI-Arc Main Space

2006 MAK Center: Vertical Garden Competition Exhibition, SCI-Arc Fishbowl Gallery

2006 AIA/LA: 2006 Design Awards Exhibition, SCI-Arc Main Space + South Gallery

2006 AAIA/LA: 2x8: Swell, +D Museum, Los Angeles, CA

2006 Alexis Rochas/Community Design Program: Special Exhibition at the Home and Garden Show, Anaheim Convention Center, CA

2006 Selected Thesis Exhibition, SCI-Arc North Lobby Gallery

2007 Residential Architecture in Southern California 1905-2005: Shelter or Playground?, SCI-Arc Fishbowl Gallery

2007 Japan Studio: Ephemeral Space: Stillness and Flux, SCI-Arc North Gallery

2007 AIA/LA: 2x8: Vert, Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, CA

2007 Library Boardroom Table Competition, SCI-Arc Library

2007 All School Exhibit, SCI-Arc

2007 Selected Thesis Exhibit, SCI-Arc Gallery

2008 All-School Exhibition, SCI-Arc

2008 AWA-LA GROUP EXHIBIT 2008: An exhibit of women’s work in architecture, interior design and landscape, SCI-Arc W.M. Keck Lecture Hall Gallery

2008 Selected Thesis: A juried exhibition of distinguished graduate thesis projects, SCI-Arc Gallery

2008 Design Is One – Milano 2008, SCI-Arc North Gallery

2008 Sunset Blvd Billboard at Quicksliver SiteLA, Los Angeles, CA

2008 Andrew Zago: XYT: Detroit Streets, SCI-Arc W. M. Keck Lecture Hall Gallery

2009 A NEW INFRASTRUCTURE: Innovative Transit Solutions for Los Angeles, SCI-Arc W. M. Keck Lecture Hall Gallery

2009 Selected Thesis Exhibit, SCI-Arc Gallery

2009 All School Exhibition, SCI-Arc,

2009 2x8:SHIFT, Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, CA

2010 SCI-Arc, Undergraduate Thesis & Spring Show

2010 2x8: Verge, Dwell on Design, LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA

2010 Selected Thesis Exhibition, SCI-Arc Gallery

2010 LA Cleantech Corridor & Green District Competition: Winners Announcement & Exhibition of Winning Projects, SCI-Arc W.M. Keck Lecture Hall + Library Gallery

2010 For last year's words belong to last year's language, and next year's words await ANOTHER VOICE (with apologies to T.S. Eliot), Works by Brendan MacFarlane (B.Arch '84), Yaohua Wang (B.Arch '10), Joanna-Maria Helinurm (B.Arch '11) Special SCI-Arc Exhibition @ Creative Artists Agency, Los Angeles, CA

2011 Undergraduate Thesis Presentations & 5th Annual Spring Show, SCI-Arc

2011 2x8: Source, A+D Museum, Los Angeles, CA

2011 Selected Thesis Exhibition, SCI-Arc Gallery

2011 ULI Urban Land Expo, curated by Frances Anderton, LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA

2011 The [Secret] Return of Noever: A SCI-Arc Curated Exhibition, Ace Museum, Los Angeles, CA (SCI-Arc Press book)

2012 SCI-Arc/Caltech Hanwha Solar CHIP House: On view at the California Science Center, Exposition Park, California Science Center, Los Angeles, CA

2012 Undergraduate Thesis & Spring Show Exhibition, SCI-Arc

2012 Out Spoken: Lectures from the SCI-Arc Archives, MAK Center, Los Angeles, CA

2012 2x8 Exhibit: Taut, A+D Museum, Los Angeles, CA

2012 Dwell on Design Conference, LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA


2018- present Center for Art Research Advisory Board member, University of Oregon

2017- 2018 School of Art + Design Committee member, College of Design, University of Oregon

2014- 2017 Chair of Public Programming Committee, Department of Art, University of Oregon

2012- 2016 Invited guest reviewer, Department of Art, University of Oregon

2005 Board of Directors Member, Outpost for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA

2002- 2011 Invited guest reviewer, Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Los Angeles, CA

2001 Administrative Assistant, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Los Angeles, CA