Wendy Heldmann

I am an artist, teacher, and arts administrator currently living in Eugene, Oregon with my husband Christopher Michlig, our two daughters, and a cat named Echo. Christopher and I collaboratively run Office Hours Projects, which is an exhibit space that presents an individual work by an artist with an accompanying text for further inquiry.

My recent paintings of interior spaces sometimes include figures and often do not. Like establishing shots in classical cinema, the vantage point of these works take the broadest possible view of the spaces they depict, whether living room, dining room, storage room, bedroom or office, often looking as though through a doorway or from a far corner of the room. There is a sense in the paintings that while some areas are carefully attended to in fine detail, other parts are parts are un-rendered while still maintaining an essential presence in the overall scene. A personal sensibility is cultivated in my paintings- entire spaces and everything included in them challenged and reconstructed as though to free themselves through a radical subjectivity. Figures are either solidly fixed within their spaces, occupied and distracted, or they have apparently very recently vacated, leaving evidence of their presence and anticipation of their impending return. This impression that someone has recently departed or is about to arrive amplifies the experience of the empty spaces, which are otherwise very full of detail- open doors, lights left on, television playing, table set, a bag on the floor, shelves and ephemera. Painted on paper-like surfaces/canvases that absorb as much as they support, my subjectivity possesses a tactile clarity that has as much to do with surface as representation.


Contact: wendyheldmann@gmail.com